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Ò»¡¢Brand core values: first, the customer first, staff, and scientific development
Core values is the enterprise handle various relations, clear the development elements of the standards. After several generations of the hard work of the people of lai, the lai company has more famous in the great river north and south of domestic battery industry's first brand, the brand is hard-won, is "the lai" pride, "and was" the advantage of wealth, "lai". Each the lai employees like treasure eyes cherish the hard-won "and was" brand, make good use of the intangible assets, with high quality work to create more value for the brand, its this one brand is the biggest impact

Customers are the only one who can eliminate the enterprise. Without customers, there is no the survival of enterprises, enterprises to sustainable development it is necessary to put customer needs as the first, constantly research on customer needs, meet customer demand, through the high quality products, whole-hearted service, good corporate image, wins the general customers, make more customers enjoy the lai, trust the lai, use the product, for the continued development to lay the solid foundation

In a market economy integration, the quality of the product homogeneity of today, the competition between the enterprises in the final analysis is the talent competition, in the brand, capital, technology, management, personnel, equipment, and other enterprises of various resources, is the most active and most crucial, talent have the maximum use of various resources of the enterprise, have the initiative would definitely. Arouse the enthusiasm of people, give play to staff's biggest potential, shaping high-quality staff, is the enterprise fundamental to complete each work.

Is the first enterprise development, scientific development, is according to the market rules, the coordination of enterprise internal and external factors, no short-term behavior, realize sustainable development. The lai company will continue to play an overall advantage, accelerate the reform of the reform, optimize the product structure, improve the quality of operation, to achieve scientific development.

¶ş¡¢Enterprise tradition: unity, strives for realism the innovation
Early in the early eighty s, the company is natural accumulations formed a "unity, truth-seeking innovation" concept, the concept is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, has played an important role in the process of enterprise system reform, inspiring and in the tide of relating to the lai was found their survival and development of the market. With a history of more than 20 years of "unity, realistic and innovative" spirit of enterprise, is the precious wealth and passed down the lai was the older. Should inherit traditional, cultural integration in the enterprise to improve the stage, "unity, realistic and innovative" as the traditional carry forward, become a motto to move on. "Unity" is the staff share the joys and sorrows, collaboration and mutual assistance, the tail from wagging the dog, not afraid of hard, struggle and forge ahead. "Strives for realism the innovation" is from set out actually, seek truth from facts, tell the truth, does the practical work, pragmatic, emancipate the mind, the courage to pursue, brave in exploitation, continuously surpass ourselves and to realize the new development.

Èı¡¢Enterprise style: explosive, vitality
In the era of advocating personalized corporate culture, "explosive and vitality" punning images show both the company's leading products, the working principle and working characteristics of battery and vivid embodiment of enterprise development staff execution, internal quality requirements of operation. The storage battery as a national inspection-exempted products, with excellent quality, good performance, to provide users with fast, convenient, adequate power energy, once use, make host is full of vitality; At the same time, more and more enterprises as a scale, prevents this is very important, enterprise management is the call to arms, every employee should be like battery with high quality, with high efficiency, rapid response, work style, improve the work efficiency and work with passion, innovation unlimited vitality, improved the management platform, enterprise built to last forever. "Explosive and vitality" is called spirit, this style should be vigorously advocated in the company

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