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 Lithium battery how to save?

Lithium battery self-discharge is very low, can save 3 years, under the condition of cold storage preservation, the effect will be better. The lithium battery stored in low temperature, do not break is a good way. 
Lithium ion battery can be stored for more than six months in 20 , it is because of its low self-discharge rate, and most of capacity can be restored. 
Lithium battery self-discharge phenomenon, if the battery voltage is below 3.6 V saved for long, can cause the battery discharge and damage the battery internal structure, reduce battery life. So long-term preservation lithium battery should be once every 3 ~ 6 months to repair electric, namely to charging voltage is 3.8 ~ 3.9 V (lithium storage battery the best voltage of 3.85 V or so), should not be filled. 
The application of lithium battery temperature range ?
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